A few things on our TV right now

A handful of shows we’ve been watching have either ended (CSI, Castle) or are about to start their final season (Bones, Grimm), so we’re looking for a couple of new shows to fill our brain-holes. Here are my thoughts about some pilots we’ve watched recently.

Lethal Weapon – I was prepared for this to be nearly unwatchably stupid (even though I like me some Damon Wayons) but I was going to give it a shot, and I was surprisingly entertained! Already, after seeing one show, I like Clayne Crawford’s Martin Riggs better than … what, five movies with Mel Gibson? Sorry/not sorry, Mel. We’ll definitely be picking this one up.

MacGuyver – you know when you see a girl at a party? And maybe you’ve seen her at a few parties before and she’s seemed really cool and funny and says things that makes you think? But maybe you haven’t seen her in a few years and at this party, she’s loudly, embarassingly drunk, telling people around her she’s fine, she’s not drunk at all, and then she pees herself in the middle of the room? Yeah, that’s the new MacGuyver. Sigh.

Notorious – OK, I’d not even heard of this one in all the articles and commercials for new shows coming up. I actually saw an ad for it on Instagram! I had the sound off and couldn’t tell what the show was about, it looked like it might be a courtroom drama (which I do not like) but also a newsroom drama (which I do like). However, I saw two faces I recognized; one from Rescue Me (fire house drama) and one from Covert Affairs (CIA drama) so I thought I’d give it a shot. It is mostly a TV news show, with a little legal thrown in, and I enjoyed it. There’s a side character who is an unapologetically sexual older woman, and I love that. We’ll be picking this one up, too.

We’re going to give Falling Water, Timeless (could be good, could be horribly campy, could be so horribly campy it’s good) and Conviction a try (I’m on the fence before seeing it; really like Hayley Atwell, really don’t like courtroom dramas), and Channel Zero looks like it might be good (but then I thought that about American Horror Story, twice, and gave up after three or four episodes on each season I tried to watch)

Don’t want to see Frequency (I loved the movie and could watch it over and over again, but as a woman whose father has passed away, I don’t want to see a TV show about a woman whose father has passed away who gets a chance to talk to him).

On our DVRs for a second season are Scream Queens, Killjoys, Dark Matter, and I can not wait for The Expanse to come back.

I’m looking forward to Westworld, and the return of Elementary, The Walking Dead, and the last season of Bones and Grimm.

Lastly, for studio watching, I’m going to start in on all the DC universe shows – Arrow, Supergirl, Gotham, The Flash, DC Legends. I’ll let you know what I think after I have time to catch up on earlier episodes.


  1. marie stanley

    I’ll rewatch all the David Suchet Poirot, and all the Poldark i can lay my eyes on . My watching time is my knitting time but then again there is a reading list to the moon and back.

    • Oh! Oh! How could I forget Queen Sugar? You would love this show, Marie. I was suspicious of the first episode because just as I don’t want to watch a show about a woman with a dead father, I didn’t want to watch a show where the grandparent has a stroke – but I kept with the first episode and I’m so glad I did. I first heard about it because it’s headed by Ava DuVernay and one of the stars is Rutina Wesley (the only reason I stuck with True Blood) and all I knew was that it follows a family trying to rebuild/run their father’s sugar cane farm. I thought at first it was just a mini-series but it looks like it may be ongoing? Good!

  2. I am adoring Pitch. Not simply because it’s a baseball-based show. It is so much more! I’ve always said baseball is the perfect metaphor for life, and this show nails that.

    I’m also loving This Is Us. The twist is great. Have only watched MacGyver of the shows you mentioned. Hated it.

    Want to see Conviction, but I listen to the Undisclosed and Serial podcasts, so a similar show seems right up my alley. We’ll see.

  3. AnneB

    And all I can think about is how unproductive I am even without watching tv. I occasionally see something on PBS and I do watch OSU football and Columbus Blue Jackets hockey, but otherwise? Just doesn’t really spark for me. Seems like I should have hours of free time I can be productive with — but somehow…

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