How’s this, now?

I’ve spent the morning, while dyeing yarn, working on this blog…. Becca let me know that the previous layout was odd on phones – one sidebar would cover the middle – so I’ve been looking for something “responsive” that’ll automagically resize to phones and tablets.

The problem with [free] WordPress themes now is that everything either looks (a) dull as dirt or (b) too overly busy/business-like/magazine-style or (c) has white writing on a black background (hate hate hate) or (d) has a big giant photo as the first thing you see when you come to the page and you have to scroll down while thinking “what am I here for again?”.

So hopefully this one is somewhere in between.

I also do have to remember to find a “featured image” for my posts, now, even the rare ones without photos, or it’ll be some horrible default image on the front page. What featured image for a rambly post, though? What did I talk about here? Really just blog stuff (and dyeing yarn) and while I’ve been looking through my folders I haven’t found a picture of my computer. Well, of JUST my computer. There’s about a thousand of cats in front of my computer.

Now I am cross. Oh, wait! I just found a good photo for that. You might not be able to see it in the post but it’ll show up on the front page of my site.

Peace out, frogs. Let me know if this new layout breaks on your phones or tablets!

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