Five items back in stock at HaldeCraft this week

There are a few requested ceramics back in stock this week at HaldeCraft, thanks to that last kiln firing…


The cabled sweater bowl is back in stock in all available colors; gray, green, pink, and purple.

The cabled sweater mug is also back in stock in all available colors; as with the bowls, those are gray, green, pink, and purple. Both are now also available by drop-down menu for custom colors (and you can find color examples here).

The mug with feet is back, with a deeper shade of green on the green one.

The neatly wrapped yarn mugs are not only back, but I have two of each color available! I can’t remember when I’ve had that many in at one time!

The shades-of-color yarn bowls are also back; I have to admit I wasn’t planning on making more of them… but people have been asking about them, so here are the three most requested colors! Since when I made them before, they were pretty much one-time products, I didn’t take notes on what colors I used. As such, these will look a little bit different from what you might remember.

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