You like functional pieces, but you also love color and excitement – that’s probably why you like HaldeCraft ceramics so much! Here are five pieces that will serve you functionally for years in your kitchen or dining room, but will also bring a splash of vibrant color to your meals.


Berry Baskets – Perfect for showcasing that beautiful fruit you picked up at the Farmer’s Market this week – or even picked out of your own garden – these berry baskets are sturdy, washable, reusable, and will look fantastic on your kitchen counter or dining room table.

Butter Dish – Maybe you feel a twinge when, at dinner, you bring out the butter on a small saucer. Or maybe on a cutting board that you’d rather be using for something else. Or maybe you don’t even bring out butter at all, unless someone asks for it, just because you don’t know what to carry it to the table with. This handpainted butter dish solves all your problems! It’s functional, doesn’t take up much room either on the table or in the refrigerator between meals, and it comes in a variety of colors that can match almost every setting.

Deviled Egg Plates – Not that deviled eggs need anything other than themselves to be popular at a party, but imagine when you show up not just with the eggs… but with the eggs displayed on a hand-painted plate! This deviled egg plate has a place for 15 eggs, plus room in the middle for anything else you’d like to put there; dipping sauce, vegetables, even more eggs!

Egg Trays – Perfect for when you’re raising your own chickens and don’t want to reuse Styrofoam or cardboard crates (of course, it’s perfectly fine too if you buy eggs at the store and take them out of the crates to show them off in a beautiful ceramic piece). These handpainted trays hold a dozen eggs.

Sugar Bowls – If there is a yarn lover in your life, this will make the perfect gift for them; a small sugar bowl that looks like a little ball of yarn! Whether for you, or as a gift, whether it’s meant to be brought out when company comes or when your crochet/knit group meets, or if you just plan to keep it secretly to yourself to bring a smile to your morning tea or coffee… this yarn ball sugar bowl is tiny perfection.

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