The Anniversary Party (debriefing)

Whew! Thanks, y’all, for coming to our little celebration for Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe, and making them feel so loved. Their fifty years (50! 50 YEARS!) of marriage hasn’t just been about them, but also about all the lives they’ve touched through the years. It was so lovely to see so many people gathered from far-flung places (Alaska! Ohio! New Hampshire! DC! The other side of Gainesville!) and to hear so much laughter all weekend long, and to hear so many wonderful stories.

I still haven’t gotten the photos up on Flickr for regular sharing, but I have everything up on Facebook. The party itself, on Friday, I made that album public – so even if you don’t have a Facebook account, or if you do but we’re not Facebook friends, you can see those photos here.

I have to admit I was a little stressball most of the weekend – I so wanted this to be a wonderful weekend for Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe, and there were so many last-minute things that kept changing I was afraid the whole thing was going to just fall apart like a house of sticks – and at one point I snapped at Tim’s sister (for which I apologized) but then about two days later I think I remembered snapping at his mother, too, for which I shall burn in Hell for she’s just the sweetest lady ever… so, Linda, if I snapped at you when we were first trying to get everything into the right elevator, I’m so sorry!!!! If I snapped at anyone else, though, it was probably on purpose. HAHAHAHAHA, kidding. … … Maybe. …. No, but seriously. Also, mad, mad, mad props to my lovely friend of holy-shit-not-really-almost-30-years-because-aren’t-we-both-like-twelve, Quinn, who stayed with us over the weekend and totally held me together with love and duct tape (and safety pins) all weekend long. Out of all my heart’s sisters, my lovely Quinnling, you’re the one I’ve had the longest, and I could not have sailed through the weekend without you. If you need something done, I’m telling you, Quinn is the one to do it! If you put her and Jag and Jenn together, you would have an unstoppable force of nature.

From the first lunch on Thursday, to the Butterfly Rainforest, to dinner at Chopstix, to the La Chua Trail the next morning (Jane, I’m so sorry I tried to kill us both with heat stroke!), to the party Friday night, to brunch Saturday morning, to the dinner party out here Saturday night, and a quiet breakfast that turned into lunch on Sunday… thank you, thank you all for participating.

But mostly, thank you, all of you, for coming, or for saying lovely things even if you couldn’t come; you really made the weekend amazing for Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe, and for that, you have my unending appreciation.

And if you’d like to watch the slideshow (yes, I know, it’s a video, but I’m still calling it a slideshow) that I put together of their lives, it’s about 12 minutes long (so put your feet up… and grab some Kleenex).

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