Works-in-Progress Wednesday (08/19/15)

Busy, busy week!

In ceramics, I’m madly trying to finish the mugs I’m making for my aunt and uncle’s upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. The party is next week, and clearly I still haven’t finished working out the kinks in the decal firing…

Still working out the kinks in decal firing, it appears. All three of these are from the same firing! So that's not frustrating. #ceramics #ceramicdecals

… these are all from the same firing. So. I’m not stressed. (hahahaha sob) I also just put into motion some amazing, fantastic, wonderful ceramics that I’m hoping to have done in time for the Florida Fiber-in, because they are right up your alley if you’re a ceramic-lover who is also a fan of yarn (and no, they’re not yarn bowls… but that’s the only hint I’ll give!). In soap, I have a few more things to update (today’s Friday Five post will probably be about that!). In yarn, did you catch my newsletter earlier this week about Sweet Baby James?

Goodnight you moonlight ladies/rock-a-bye sweet baby James/deep greens and blues are the colors I choose/won't you let me go down in my dreams/and rock-a-bye sweet baby James.    Yes, that's right,  Sweet Baby James is making a limited come-back! Pre-orde

This old favorite is making a limited return, and pre-orders are available here.

I also just put in an order for some supplies to make more stitch markers (also for Fiber-In, although of course I’ll list anything that doesn’t sell, and I love everything I got so much they’ll likely all become regular items). So stay tuned for teaser pictures of those, probably the week after next!

That’s about it for me… at hand therapy yesterday they told me that I’m progressing so well, and that since my ceramic work is so much like the physical therapy I do anyway, that starting next week I only have to come to physical therapy once a week. I still have daily exercises, and I have to make ceramics at least one day a week (oh, darn!) but the healing is going well! WHEW!

What about y’all? What are you working on this week? What are your plans and goals for the next little while?


    • haldecraft

      It’s funny you mention the toner — another ceramicist mentioned shaking my toner before printing out new decals, and that did seem to make a difference. But I’d also run out of decal paper and had to order more at the same time, so… maybe it was the toner was uneven? But maybe it was just a bad batch of decal paper….? The world may never know! 😉 Although I am about to embark on another decal idea, so… I’ll keep you posted….!

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