Anniversary Party: Did you get an invitation? Did you RSVP?

So, even though I could feel Emily Post spinning in her grave when I hit “send”, all of the invitations were sent out in June, via email. Extensive research on Etsy (for invitations) and Google (for “really?”) told me that email was the new way to go, that nobody is doing physical mail-outs any more, and that all you need to do is include your email and cell phone number and the date by which the RSVP is needed, and there you have it. I looked through fifty pages of invitations on Etsy, and couldn’t find a single one that included RSVP cards that were the traditional “we’ll be there with ___ number in our party” type. So, email it was, then!

However, I still have a little over 60 people I haven’t heard back from, and for a typically-anxious-anyway type of person like myself, well… I’m worried they didn’t get the email. I’m worried 60 more people will show up for the party than we’ve planned for. I’m worried they responded and I didn’t get the email. SO MUCH WORRY. (As an aside, am I any more worried than I would be if I were awaiting cards in the mail, wondering if they’d gotten lost or misdirected or if I’d written an address wrong? Not really. Six of one, right?!) At least, unlike when I was planning my wedding, people aren’t telling me that this should be the happiest day of my life, hahahahahaha! No, we’ll be celebrating Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe and fifty years of happy days, and for that my heart is singing joyously.

I do, however, want to make sure that I am making enough of these, for the guests…

Print. Cut. Soak. Peel. Attach. Squeegee. Repeat 84 times. Dry. Photograph. Notice trimming error on one. Shrug. Decide that one's yours. Fill kiln. Prepare to fire. #ceramics #ceramicdecals

… so if you haven’t RSVP’d yet, please, please drop me a line! I’d hate to make 84 of these and find out that day that I should have made 147.

Thanks, y’all!


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