Five of my Pinterest boards that I’m enjoying

Is anybody still on Pinterest? I had to change my account to business, for reasons, so if you’re on Pinterest and you were following me as HaldeChick and have noticed that I don’t pin much any more, that’s because for the last 6 months or so I’ve been primarily pinning as HaldeCraft. I still have the old account open, mostly for messages, but I only access it on my phone so as to cut down the logging out/logging back in.


1. My “Ceramic Admiration” board. These are finished ceramic pieces not made by me (well, OK, sometimes I drop one or two of mine in there, just because) and they’re ones I find inspiring, magical, fun, or jealousy-inspiring. I treat this board like I would a museum, and use it for daydreaming and inspiration. I go back to it often just to marvel at the talented potters and ceramicists and sculptors out there.

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2. My “For the Bathroom” board. There are entirely too many claw-footed tubs out there and I WANT THEM ALL. Also, lacy curtains. And rustic wooden floors.

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3. My “For the Garden” board. This covers both vegetable garden and flower garden (although I suppose I have enough pins that I could break them into two boards, but, whatevs. Greenhouses. Bees. Flowes. Fruits. Vegetables. Fairy doors. Birdhouses.

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4. My “For the new Porch (and Future Parties”) board. Because not only are we doing the deck that Tim put in already (we do want to stain it, still) but he’s going to make a front porch (screened in) for my studio, and a combo screened-in porch/open deck for the front of the house. So, pictures of rustic and pretty screened-in porches, stuff on outdoor kitchens, etc.

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5. My “For the New Studio” board. Tips, tricks, and inspirational photos of other people’s studios… (OK, sometimes I plop in one of my own, just because).

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And, as a weird bonus… 6. One of the reasons I had to switch to a business account is for rich pins. Shopify and Pinterest are partnering and if you’re not trying to sell stuff on Pinterest then your eyes just glazed over. They’re also partnering to make Shopify stores some of the first ones that you can now shop from, directly from Pinterest. That’s right, soon you won’t even have to click the picture to get to my site, you can just buy things directly off Pinterest and it’ll show up in my Shopify back end as if you’d bought it there. That’s not going to start happening until – I think – July, but meanwhile, even though I already have a few boards for some of my favorite things I make, Pinterest just sucked in my entire stock into One Giant Board.

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