Good NEWS everyone!

Whenever I say that, I hear it in the Professor’s voice, from Futurama. Anyone else? No? Just me? ….

Anyway, just a quick pop in to say that this picture means….

Today, That Poor Man is building a deck, and That Nice Installation Man brought me the Internet. Oh happy day! #moving

… that we have Internet now at HaldeCraft World Headquarters! See that guy on the ladder at the corner of the house? He’s a HughesNet technician and he brought a large smile to my face today. (This photo also means That Poor Man is almost done putting in the back deck; you can see him leaning over and putting some of the last boards on the deck before he starts on the benches.)

Internet access means that I am now able to respond to emails and messages more quickly, I can access USPS to print out postage so that packages are back to their usual 24-hour turnaround, and it means I can more regularly blog and post to Instagram, Facebook, and Google + (and I can catch up on all of your posts, too!).

Thank you all so much for your patience and encouraging messages while we’ve been trying to get Internet out here. I told the installation guy that the satellite he installed was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, and he had to laugh — “I don’t usually hear that,” he said. I countered with, “well, I think it looks like progress and communication, so that makes me happy!”

So then. What should I talk about first?!

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