Five of my most popular ceramics – two of which surprise me!

Recently I wondered what some of my top-selling ceramics might be.


My research surprised me! I knew mugs would be at the top of the list (y’all like mugs as much as I do!); so it was no surprise that the Frog-Inside mug, the Irish Coffee mugs, and the Lodge mugs (especially the green ones) were at the top of the list.

Also at the top of the list? Something I wasn’t expecting – Deviled egg plates and butter dishes! One of the most common questions (well, OK, I’ve had it twice) that I get about the butter dishes is about the size of stick it holds. It will hold the standard 1.25×1.25×4 inch stick. It’s my understanding that in other parts of the county, the most popular butter stick size is more in the 2x2x4 inch range…. those are just a little too tall and wide for this butter dish. But because I’ve been asked about it, I do have a design in mind for a new butter dish I’ll be working on later this year. Now, my question for you is… should I keep those in the same color as these ones? Or branch out a little?


  1. Jain

    I have always loved the blue butter dish the best. I think the color is lovely, and would go well with the color of butter. However I use whipped butter in a tub, not sticks. How about a butter tub?

    • haldecraft

      You’re the third person to ask for butter tubs since the start of the year, clearly I need to look more into that. I have previously sort of half-heartedly looked for a mold to slipcast them (as my aunt and uncle have previously used a tub) and I can’t find a mold for them… which means I’ll have to throw them, and I’m not yet quite talented enough to make a lid that matches an opening. Soon, though!

    • haldecraft

      For some reason that sounds easier, doesn’t it?! Come up with a lid, make an opening to match…? I’d still have to throw them at the same time, though – I couldn’t, say, take a finished lid from a set where the bottom had broken, and throw a new bottom to match it, because different clays have different shrinkage rates, and I’d hate to throw something and then have it shrink in firing to the point where it wouldn’t match the original lid.

      I will get there, though, to the point when I will be able to make them — it’ll just take a while!

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