Only six months to plan!

Thirty months ago, I sent my friend and soul-sister Jag an email titled “Only 36 months to plan!”… with the idea that we might work together to plan Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe’s 50th wedding anniversary. We would find out if they wanted it in Boston or Gainesville, get a guest list from them, and then “surprise” them with an amazing party (I say “surprise” because while we’d need to make sure they knew it was happening so they didn’t plan anything else that weekend, our idea was to take the stress off of them by doing all the work and planning, and letting them just sit back and enjoy the party). We would find a location, work on food (of which Tim wanted to make most of), put together a slideshow set to music and gather videos or written remembrances by friends who couldn’t make the party, etc, etc.

The Graduates

Since then Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe have retired, so are not in Boston during the time when their anniversary falls (and they would rather have it in Gainesville anyway, so that makes that choice easier) and Tim and I have evaluated scores of locations. We finally decided, last year, that we would hold the party at the property we’re trying to buy… and since then, that location has changed three times and the actual purchasing of said property has dragged out over ten months. Even if we closed on a location by the end of this month, that wouldn’t give us enough time to get the property “big-ass party” ready. Tim has also decided to opt for a caterer (or maybe even two) rather than cook all the food himself. I’ve been gathering photos. And last week we put a down-payment on a location (which I’m not going to tell you about yet because Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe are on the road and it’s probably fair if I tell them first, hahahaha).

photo of a photo

Why am I writing about this? I’m going to be sending out an email soon, a “save the date” sort of thing, and in that email I want to be able to direct party-goers to a section of this website wherein we’ll update with hotel information, location information, maps, event prep photos, food information (for those of us with allergies, so that guests trust there will be things they can eat without being poisoned)… things like that. So consider this a place-holder post… and expect a couple of posts a month with party teaser information! The theme of the party is going to be loosely “fifty years of love/home is where the heart is/what makes home, home/why Gainesville is home” — Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe are world travelers, but for almost 30 years have made Gainesville their home base. So what is it about Gainesville that keeps them coming back here, instead of a big city like New York or Boston? And what is it like for gregarious, big-hearted people who have friends who have become like family, when those friends are scattered around the globe? I can’t wait to show how Tim and I plan to tie this all together.

The best aunt and uncle in the world

And I can’t wait until Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe come home so I can tell them, and then tell you, the location venue. IT’S SO AWESOME.

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