This week I feel I’m more “waiting” than “working.” Waiting to hear from the bank about the new HaldeCraft World Headquarters that we’re trying to buy. Waiting to hear back from craft show applications. Waiting to hear back from Best Buy about my computer with a fried hard drive.

Waiting in line for artichokesI am winding November yarn club, which does start with a “w” but winding is also sort of like waiting; waiting for the yarn to unwind from the swift and onto the electric skein-winder (and then I have to wait to send it out!).

You know I can barely ever write a blog post without putting a photo in it, so on a whim I looked up any of my photos tagged with “wait” – I got a lot more than I thought I would! Most of them have knitting in them, as I tend to knit while I’m waiting for something. Since a lot of my friends are showing off their yarn and fiber purchases from going to Rhinebeck (the New York Sheep and Wool festival) last weekend, I’ll leave you with a picture I took when we went there in 2007, of waiting in line at the artichoke food truck. That’s right. An entire food truck devoted to my favorite vegetable, the artichoke. Artichokes five different ways! I’m still dreaming about that food truck. Mmmmm. Now I want lunch.

What about you? What are you working on this week? Or what are you waiting for?

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