Head over heels; or, bowled over by bowls

Do you labor over finding just the right gift for certain people? Something that is functional, yet beautiful, something they will love and actually use? My mom is one of the people who is hard to shop for, because I want to get her something amazing, but also something useful that won’t sit on some shelf or in a drawer somewhere. A few years ago, I scored big-time with a beautiful pair of HaldeCraft cereal bowls in Gray Spice. (It was long enough ago that the bowls were only available in pairs. Now you can get just one if that’s your fancy. I recommend getting two, though, so you have an extra when your bowl is in the dishwasher.)


These bowls see frequent use. My mom swears they are the best bowls ever made. And here’s the kicker…they hold enough cereal that my teenage nephew only needs two bowls. Have you seen a teenage boy eat? Because it’s a lot, and to fill a boy up with two bowls of cereal, well, that’s a pretty awesome achievement.


My nephew and I have a tendency of describing the size of things in relation to our heads. He didn’t believe me when I told him these bowls were big enough that he could almost use one as a helmet. Sadly, photographic evidence of this fact was lost in a tragic computer malfunction, but trust me. It was hilarious.


Just how much love do these bowls get? My nephew has tried to “accidentally” take them home. He starts college this month. Once I know for sure that he can take care of a bowl (and that his roommate isn’t so accident-prone that the bowl won’t get broken in a tragic gaming incident), he will totally be getting a cereal bowl of his very own. My sister has commented a time or two that they do look like nice bowls, and she sure would like one of her own. To be fair, I got her one of those adorable owl bowls, so it’s not like she’s bereft of HaldeCraft ceramics of her very own. (She almost got a set of owl stitch markers, too, but…um…I, uh, forgot to put them in her birthday package. They…uh…accidentally ended up in my knitting supplies. Accidentally. I swear.)

You can find the cereal bowls here, and the adorable owl bows, here. I think I know what to get my mom for Christmas this year. Now to choose which color…

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