Works-in-Progress Wednesday (09/03/14)

What are you working on this week?

I’m dyeing club yarn like a fiend, and lining up fiber to dye after that… I have put a couple of spoiler pictures up in black-and-white, but when I get to the fiber, since that’s not a surprise, I’ll show those off in full color.

That’s really all I’m working on this week! I haven’t had much time to glaze any ceramics, and while I’ve been making a list of sold-out soaps to restock next week, I haven’t been doing anything in the soap realm either.

I did start some new knitting…

2014-09-02 21.54.40

My 12-in-’14 project, Cat Bordhi’s Cables & Corrugations – Riverbed. Photo taken last night at the ever-interesting (HAHAHAHA) Gainesville airport, where I was to pick up my Aunt and Uncle. The plane was late (glad I brought my knitting!) and we were all tired by the time the baggage got in and we got to the car… but they’re home safe and sound.

So. That’s really all I have going on this week. What about you?

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