Hey baby, you come here often?

Because I sure as heck don’t. It’d been so long since I logged in, WordPress forgot who I was (and there’s no way I’m remembering a password). It’s all good, now, though, I got in – clearly, since I’m writing this and you might even be reading it.

What have you been up to, people? I’ve been doing everything except writing.

Not quite 80 degrees yet but over 90% humidity. It should be in the mid 90's by noon. #gainesville #nepark #dailywalkI’ve been walking a lot. I got a FitBit Flex about two weeks ago, and since then have walked 50 miles, given myself shinsplints, pulled every muscle in my legs, gotten new shoes, taken a few days off to do mild stretches and let my legs talk to me again, gotten a shoulder holster for the dog’s water bottle, and generally felt a little bit less like a slug. Except for the days when I’ve been resting, THEN I feel like a slug.

Thinking of October #ceramics #mugs #dayofthedeadI’ve been making a lot of ceramics. I poured a lot a few weeks ago just by pouring five or six molds every other day, and that just about filled up a kiln. Now I’m on handbuilding. Mugs, more mugs, different mugs, some custom mugs, and some garden stakes. I tried some new toad homes but I’m still not 100% thrilled with them. Might be a little back-to-the-drawing board with those… I’m still going to paint and fire the two that I made, but I’m just not sure about them. I wanted smooth clay with leaves impressed, but the best impressing I can get is using the slab roller, which will also impress the canvas matt into the clay. If I smooth out the clay to wipe off the canvas, it also wipes off the leaves. But the rolling pin doesn’t get the leaves in deep enough to leave the kind of impression I want. ANYWAY.

In progress: Wild KaisoAnd I’ve been knitting my little fingers off. Aren’t these socks the bomb? They’re for a friend who requested “wild”. Ah-yup. That’s what she’s getting.

And I mailed out the last of this round of yarn club. Yarn club really kicked me in the butt this time – in a good way, I suppose, showing me what I’m capable of and that I can do better next time. Let’s see. I wanted to get all three months dyed up by the middle of May. I finished May’s yarn a few days before May 1st. I finished June’s yarn around May 25th. There was a snafu with the base yarn I wanted for July and it didn’t even get to me until the first week of June. I dyed it like a maniac – it was on cones, and I usually buy pre-wound skeins, so I had to wind it off the cones, and somehow I got distracted and didn’t notice until I was winding it all when it was dry, the last week of June, that I was six short and had 42 instead of 48. That was a bad day in Mudville, for sure. I did get the other six wound off, dyed, dried, rewound, labeled, and all bagged up and ready to go by about the 8th (I ship out on the 10th).

Lessons learned? If I have almost 50 people in club again, stick to solid color yarns, they are easier and take less time to dye. Order more yarn than I think I need, way before I need it, and if the yarn I want isn’t available, get different yarn; don’t wait. Don’t pretend that I can do other things (make ceramics, make soap, keep up with social online stuff) while I’m dyeing and winding all that yarn. Pace myself. Allow for lots of rain and humidity that might drag out the drying time. Allow time for overdyes. Lots of overdyes. Having said all that, though, the response this time around has been phenomenal. The theme was Norse Mythology, and from feedback I did a pretty good job of telling two stories that were new to almost everyone, and one story that a lot of people knew and were hoping I’d use. I am happy with this round, and happy that a lot of other people (both new and my HaldeCultians) seem to be thrilled with the yarn and the swag (shout out to Rhea, the sewing goddess, whatwhat?!). Next round is Fantasy Literature, and I’m super-duper excited about that one (even though I’ve already changed my mind three times on one of the colors).

But for now? Logging off; dinner at Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe’s house tonight, and we have to leave in a few minutes.

Welcome back!


  1. Joe Haldeman

    Glad you’re back, niece o’ mine.

    I’m so out of it I didn’t know what a FitBit Flex was. But now I see. You can SuperGlue it to a hyperactive dog’s collar and burn up 5000 calories a day without popping a sweat . . .

  2. Ugh, blogging. I never remember to do that anymore myself. I mean, I WANT to and I think about things I could write about at times when I can’t do anything about it (i.e. in the shower, driving, etc.) but the actual sit down and update the damned thing…? Nope. :/

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