Question of the Week: Fun & Sport

Would you rather go hiking or watch TV?

Honestly, that would depend on where the hike was, what the weather was like, and what was on TV. 😉

Mountain hiking in the snow, in freezing temps? No thanks, I’ll be inside, watching reruns of Star Trek. Flat hiking on a nature trail on a clear, cool, spring or fall day, with lots of great photo ops? OK!


  1. m9m

    Yesterday Su and I drove to the waterfront and walked her dog a bit. I like that because Cardiff stops a lot to er smell things. It’s really more of an “amble” or a “mosey” than a hike. And there are benches. That’s better than TV but not as good as books.

  2. Joe Haldeman

    Go hiking. I can watch tv anytime, but the chance to take off through the woods with a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of wine? Never turn it down unless it’s blazing hot.

    Unca Joe

  3. Alice Haldeman

    Especially If I went someplace I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to see again, I’d certainly hike even in the rain or cold as opposed to staying inside and watching TV. That includes urban hikes. Take Vancouver, for example. Every time I went there it rained almost all the time. But there was so much to see and do, I certainly didn’t want to stay indoors. Even here at home, if I have somewhere to go that I wanted to walk to and it was raining, I’d just put on my slicker and go. Some of the best times I’ve had at theme parks were the times it was pouring rain, leaving me as one of the only people there. So, yes, walking/hiking would take precedence over watching TV any time. TV is just something to run in the background, not spend time actually watching.

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