How do you watch TV (if at all)?

I bought a Roku a couple weeks ago; I’d wanted one for ages and I told myself that if 30 people signed up for yarn club, I could get one (I think at last count I’m at 38, and spots are open for another ten days… Norse mythology must be popular these days!).

I’ve got Amazon Prime, and although I felt like we were the last holdouts in the free world we went ahead and signed up for Netflix. I’m on the fence about Hulu Plus — do any of y’all have that? I have a free Hulu account but that’s not an offered station on the Roku and I hear that even with paying for Hulu Plus you still have commercials. If you have that, is that too annoying? Or worth it if the shows you watch are on it, and having the trifecta of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu Plus means you don’t have to have cable?

I’m, uh, asking for a friend, who’s looking at some property far out enough that Cox Cable isn’t going to happen for us them any more, but DSL is available for Internet, so… ::shifty eyes:: … you totally don’t buy the “asking for a friend” thing, do you…. And yeah, I know that Satellite TV is an option, but who is it that dropped AMC? Because if that’s Dish Network we don’t want that (I get them and DirectTV confused – or is DirectTV also satellite? BEHOLD THE DEPTHS OF MY UN-KNOWLEDGE! TV MAGIC! MAKE MAGIC BOX WORK!) — anyway, we need our Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy (even if SoA has jumped the shark, I’m still ‘shipping the hell out of Tig and Jimmy Smit’s tranny daughter/son, and must see how that plays out). Shows that we really enjoy are Elementary, Walking Dead, Orphan Black, CSI, Criminal Minds, Castle, The Blacklist (favorite new show of the season!), Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Sleepy Hollow.

I know quite a number of you don’t watch TV at all, and that used to be me — I know it doesn’t seem like it because I can hold down my end of a “what are you watching these days” conversation with the best of them, but I never watched so much TV until Tim moved in. I don’t think I even had cable until then. Or maybe I did, but just the cheap seats.

ANYWAY. TV. How do you watch it? Cable? Internet? Nefarious means that you’d rather not own up to? What are some of your favorite shows?


  1. I have never had cable and don’t miss it. I do have Roku and Amazon Prime – just for movies and old series. What with everybody watching TV on their own schedules these days (and then complaining about spoilers) I don’t even worry about catching stuff when it first airs. I watch Elementary and then turn the TV off. Grimm. Criminal Minds/CSI. Off. I watch a lot of PBS. My TV is over-the-air in “real” time and when “my show” isn’t on the TV is off. There’s a lot of free stuff on Prime so unless I rent a show my TV viewing is no-cost.

  2. We have amazon and netflix. Cancelled hulu 30 seconds after joining because we wanted a current season of a show only to find out they didn’t have eps 1-8 available.

    So we are about a season or two behind on the rest of the world. But never seem to *not* find something to watch.

    Ask me again though when Wil’s show comes out and I can’t see it right away

  3. The Windstream inter-tubes out where we are are very narrow, so it would be difficult for me to get rid of DirecTV. From experience I can tell you that Dish is the one that dropped FX (not sure if it’s back) and that was the last straw for me. I dropped them and went back to DirecTV and never regretted it. Regrettably DirecTV is more expensive but higher quality and I’m okay with that.

    If I weren’t paying for the excellent DVR from DirecTV I would get Hulu, but for now it’s not needed. Amazon and Netflix are both welcome in our home. Both seem to be able to stream relatively well so long as nothing else is happening on the Internet.. =)

  4. Netflix, Hulu plus, and Crunchyroll (for the anime/k-dramas).
    Hulu because Daily Show, although Q swears by it for current TV dramas. Netflix for almost everything else, although they do have the annoying tendency to drop shows off the instant list without warning.
    I’ve heard Amazon video is acceptable, but since I don’t prime, I haven’t used it.

  5. The big question is, what will be available for you at the new place?
    I usually have the TV on, more as background noise – probably heavily influenced in this habit by Gma. They sometimes had two TVs going at the same time. But here I only use antenna tv – enough on that to satisfy me. Sometimes, if there’s a lot of wind, the reception is wonky, some channels not coming in at all. I consider adding the tv feature to my phone/internet service – would probably only be another $30 or $40 a month, but I just don’t think I’d use it that much. Old fashioned enough that if I want to see a certain movie I’ll go buy the DVD or go to the actual movie theatre. No streaming, no Roku, no Hulu. The closest I ‘d want to get to Hulu would be HulA lessons if I ever go to Hawaii.

  6. Wow. I feel bad that I didn’t see this post earlier. I am the Roku evangelist. I got rid of cable almost 3 years ago and have been very happy with my Roku. I have Netflix, which I love for both catching up on series and for all of the foreign stuff: Chinese, Korean, and Indian dramas and movies. There’s plenty of British series, too. I still get discs because Showtime & HBO don’t like to have their stuff stream for sometimes almost 2 years.

    I have Hulu+ for the current shows. Not only do that have the network shows the day after, but they have Brit shows such as Luther, Hustle, and other obscure stuff probably I only watch. They also have a nice foreign collection, which includes Australian shows. I mention all of the foreign stuff because once the network seasons are over, or they are on break, you can quickly run out of regular shows to watch. The commercials are 1 – 3 per break, a max of 90 seconds for each. The more popular a show, the more breaks. OTOH, none of them are really quite long enough to run to the bathroom or kitchen.

    I haven’t missed cable. I don’t mind that I’m behind on current shows as I’m watching other stuff that most people don’t. I love the bemused look on people’s faces when they ask me what network a show is on, and I tell them I have no idea – it’s all Hulu+ or Netflix to me!

    Or Crunchyroll. Or NASA TV. Or TED Talks.

  7. Cable is so expensive. I feel like soon they will show up at my door demanding a blood donation in addition to our money. Still, our area doesn’t get DSL, and we love our TV, so… We have cable and the digital Netflix subscription. All of the old movies I always thought I’d like to see but haven’t don’t seem to be available on the digital Netflix subscription, just the DVD version. I haven’t decided I want to give them $8 more a month, so we haven’t upgraded yet. As for shows, I watch some of the same ones you do. I also like Brooklyn 99, Doctor Who, and Bones. Good luck!

  8. I’m still on cable with a Netflix digital. And I’m on cable for two reasons: Columbus Blue Jackets and Ohio State Buckeyes. Since we’re in the local broadcast markets BUT the channels that broadcast the games aren’t actually “broadcast” but are cable… well, until we can find a way around that problem I’ll be on cable. At least this way the hockey games are in HD, so I see a puck, not just a fuzzy blackish blur.

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