Question of the Week: Politics

Is there a cause you would be willing to die for?

(I’m not really sure why this is in the politics section of the book, but there ya go.)

Hmm. Cause? An inanimate thing, an idea, a belief…? Maybe in my late teens/early twenties, when I cared more (HAH!)… but now? For a cause? No. I can’t say that there is. There are people I would take a bullet for, go into a burning building for, or otherwise throw myself in harm’s way for… but I can’t truly say there’s a cause I’d die for. Yes, there are important causes I support – woman’s rights, civil rights, human rights… and I can see if I were who I am, I would have gone, on, say, the Freedom Rides, or marched in Selma, Alabama, or possibly would have been jailed/beaten for being a Suffragette. And I might have died in any one of those events, because people did die. But I’d go into something like that thinking I could make a difference, not die. Does that make sense….?

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  1. Quinn

    Like you, there are causes I believe in, and events I like to think I would have been involved in. However, there isn’t much at the moment where I would willingly sacrifice my life.

    Mind you, should either Richard Morgan’s vision of southern America in the book “Thirteen” come to pass, I would have to risk my life. It’s kind of a version of “Handmaid’s Tale”. I would do whatever it took to not be trapped in dogmatic, misogynist, theocracy.

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