I’m a little obsessed

People who have known me a while know I have a fascination with miniature things. Dollhouses, Borrowers, things that look like big things but are tiny (like my sushi or cupcake stitch markers). A couple of years ago I saw and photographed a fairy door in the park near my house; then not quite a year ago I saw it had been cruelly ripped from the tree. That, and an article I had read about fairy doors being left around places in Ann Arbor… well, an idea was born.

Product development day (AKA work=play) #ceramics #handbuilding #fairydoors

I might be a little obsessed. Little! Get it? They're tiny? Little! See what I did there? #ceramics #fairydoors #handbuilding

An idea that I might be having just a liiiiiiiiiitle too much fun with. I’m working on three different sizes, with different things decorating the door and/or the stoop, and I’ll be looking for little hooks for the back so that they can either be set on the ground (or a bookshelf) they could also be hung in or near the base of a tree. None of them will look exactly the same, and I probably won’t take custom orders on these for quite some time – I have too many ideas of my own that I want to get down, first. I’ve started off with the smallest ones, and a couple of the mid-sized ones. I tried the large ones but they didn’t stand up very well… I think I need to make them thicker for the largest… so back to the drawing board on those.

I can’t wait for them to dry, and to get them fired, so I can start painting them!


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