I mentioned earlier the contest I’m running this year on Ravelry, 12 in ’14. Here’s my first FO!


Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Andre in Cinnamon Sugar Test
PatternMaeva by Stefanie Bold
Started: 01/03/14
Finished: 01/29/14

1/15 – I got to the end of the instructions for the first part of the foot on the first sock and it was too long (making the medium; normally I would go for the small, the woman’s 7.5, but other people’s notes on this says it runs small and tight, so I went up one size); I ripped back and took out a chart section.

I got to the middle of the instructions for the second part of the foot on the second sock and didn’t like the way my YOs looked so ripped back one of them and did the YOs as K1fb instead. I didn’t like that either, so ripped back again, and did them as invisible M1s as the second stitch inside rather than on the outside where they were (as seen in the sock on the left in the above photo). That, I liked, so I ripped out the first sock and did that so that now they match. They have a very even, bold border.

Now, even though I’m about 20 rows away from where the pattern thinks the heel should be, I’m at the length it says to start the heel. So that’s what I’ll be doing next! This means my stitch count won’t be the count of that sock size, so there may be some heel improvising.

1/22 – I have the dumb, and can not grok these heel instructions. And I am NOT a newbie sock knitter! I have moved all the “side” stitches to the bottom needle (leaving only 32 on the top needle) and have put a stitch marker dividing the “side” from the “bottom” stitches. I’m doing the decreases on the side, the same way I would for a heel flap sock, and when I get to only one stitch on the “side” I’ll remove the stitch marker, and that last decrease will give me 32 stitches on the bottom. Then I should line up with the remaining charts of the pattern.

The sock, off, looks wonky as all get out, and it’s still too big even though I left off about a third of it. Imma finish these, but they’re going to have to go to someone with bigger feet than mine. If I make these again (and y’all know I’m a sucker so I probably will) I will make the small, no matter that a lot of people have said that the small runs really small. The medium/large would fit a Yeti.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh. I don’t know why I was having such issues with this. The decreases are not done in the standard way, as in, decrease one stitch in from the needle. The decreases are done next to the last stitch of the 32 “bottom” stitches (I was on two needles). So, move extra increase stitches from the top, to the bottom, leaving 32 on the top and whatever on the bottom. Working with the 32 on the bottom, back and forth (NOT IN THE ROUND), decrease by one on each side of the 32 stitches every other row. Man, I feel thick that I could not get that.

1/30 – socks done! Still a shade too big but they will fit one of my sisters-in-law so Merry Early Christmas to them!

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