Question of the Week: Habits

Do you have a hard time waking up in the morning?

Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Yes. Mostly. Somewhat? When I’m still IN bed, my mind usually starts going a million miles and hour about things I want/need to get done during the day. But by the time I stand up, minutes later, I’m almost incapable of making the bed, let alone maneuvering the coffee pot. Odd. The brain works, the body does not. It’s usually mid-morning by the time they’ve caught up with each other.


  1. Gay Haldeman

    Sometimes I have a hard time waking up, but usually I just have a hard time getting up. Then when I do, I want nothing to interfere with my morning routine, or I get crabby. Poor Joe.

  2. AnneB

    Yes. Very. I remember Elaine Boosler, I think it was, asking audience members what the longest sleep they’d ever had was. Someone came in at 20 hours and she topped it with 23 1/2. I’m still jealous. I am NOT a morning person.

  3. Alice Haldeman

    I’ve never been much of a late sleeper, preferring to get up and get going when I wake up. I’m much more a morning person than an evening person. I might stretch most of my muscle groups for a minute or so in bed, then it’s time to greet the day. I really like going outside while it’s still dark and seeing a clear sky with all the stars. Not much ambient light here, so the stars are bright. And even tho I’m a couple miles, as the crow flies, from the ocean, I can sometimes hear the waves breaking if the wind is from the East. A great way to start the day. Sure, I take a leisurely time for the actual paper copy of the News Journal, newspapers being a lifelong habit I don’t want to give up, especially for local news. A cup of coffee or two, and then off for the day’s adventures.

  4. Marie Stanley

    I’m very happy to be finished with getting up and getting out the door in 25 minutes. I can take my time now ; I do get right up but after that it’s coffee and slow time. Happy Retirement.

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