St. Brigid

This is the sweater that never ends

Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Tepper in “Irish Coffee”
Pattern: St. Brigid by Alice Starmore
Started: October 7, 2013
Completed: November 21, 2013
Notes: Technically I didn’t so much as “finish” as “give it to a friend on the condition that they never speak of it to me again”. The collar still needed to be picked up and knit, but y’all, this had just such bad karma for me, and I couldn’t bear to do it. Last time I spoke of it, I mentioned I was on the fence between “rip it” and “pitch it” and y’all didn’t tell me I was crazy for that, so… pitched! I hope the person whom was gifted it by the person to whom I gave it, wears it with peace.


Moving on.

Let’s talk about colors and yarn choices for the next one I want to knit, since this was the pattern that inspired me to knit cables all those years ago, and I wants one! I’m thinking MATH + THINNER YARN (+ PATTERN MODS FOR THINNER YARN) + SOME SORT OF RED = LATER THIS YEAR.

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