Getting better, but still full of snark, so get offa my lawn

I think this is the new theme with which I’m going to stick.

I’ve figured out how to rotate the headers (right now I have about nine photos so you’ll get one random one each time you land on or refresh the page) and I’ve figured out the typeface. I’m still not 100% happy with the name/tag line up in the header, but you can’t set the color for each random photo. I can either have random photos all with the same color name/tag line, or I can change the header manually every few days and at that time change the color to match. Ugh, first world problems.

In other news, I’ve had a migraine almost all weekend because people. Long story, but I’m trying to do something nice and am basically being pecked to death because of it — if it wouldn’t make me seem like a whiny child, at this point I would take my bag of toys and go home. As it is I have stepped away from it for the weekend and am hoping by Monday I will no longer have this twitch above my left eye.

Last night was Bill and Karen’s annual holiday party, which means that rum balls have been consumed, BlackAdder, Grinch, and Opus have been watched, and Old Friends have been seen. You’d think this would put me in a good mood, wouldn’t you? Stupid neck with the stupid migraine. Pain always makes me cranky.

Oh, hey, it looks like I can start assigning pictures to categories. Doesn’t that just open a world of possibilities?!

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