Almost there!

I could feel a turn in the air yesterday when I started the last coat of glaze on the last ceramics to be fired before GLAM. You are coming to GLAM, right?

Fresh from the HaldeKiln - and coming this Sunday to the GLAM Craft Show! #ceramics #christmasornaments #owls #ricebowls #shoplocal #GLAM #gainesville #mugs My kiln is getting a workout this week! And it's killing me that I don't have time to glaze one more thing just to fill in that empty spot. OCD much? #ceramics #owls #kiln

The first photo is Wednesday’s unloading, and the second is Thursday’s loading. ALMOST DONE. Soap is all packed (has been since before we left on vacation). The last of the ceramics are firing now. I’m packing yarn today. GLAM is Sunday. Do you know what that means….? All I have to do tomorrow, Saturday, is unload and pack the kiln. THAT’S IT. Then on Sunday, TIME TO PLAY! I’m getting excited about GLAM. I have a booth this time, in case I didn’t mention that. Three tables, not one, like last year. That’s why I’ve been busting tail to make so much. Well, that and all year long I made what is in retrospect some poor time choices that I wouldn’t make again, causing me to be rushed pretty much all year… but that’s a different blog post. Right now, all I want to say is… ALMOST DONE!

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