Is that Freedom Rock?

Is that Freedom Rock?

Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Andre in “The 70s Have Called”
PatternFissility by Lorena Haldeman
Started: Sept 15, 2013
Completed: Oct 21, 2013
Notes: Knit for a friend, but as I write this I’m worried they won’t fit; hopefully by the time you read this, though, I will have mailed them to her and if they don’t fit, she will have mailed them back so I can rip out and rework….


  1. quinn

    Don’t you love it when you stare at something for a while and then think, “Hey, don’t I own that?” Why, yes, I do own that! And they fit just perfectly, thank you. And thank you for them. I was wearing them while looking out my window thinking that they looked like fall.

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