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The last couple of weeks have been all about ceramics, or at least as much as I can get it about ceramics with also dyeing yarn and making soap. GLAM is coming! GLAM is coming! I’ve dyed all the yarn I’m going to dye (I probably won’t even have time to dye any more yarn this calender year). As of Thursday last, I’ve made all the soap I’m going to make for GLAM, and as with the yarn, probably won’t be making any more soap this calender year. I still have some curing that I need to wrap, but other than that, what I have is what I have. Being that we decided to go away for Thanksgiving, I needed to triage, and feel that my stock of soap and yarn are good enough right now that if you can’t find something you like, well. Well. So right now, and for the rest of the year (and by “year” I mean “until I go on vacation in mid-December”) my focus is ceramics.

So many things to work on; so few extra hours in the day. #ceramics #greenware Scenes from a work day #ceramics #mugs #glazing They're heeeeeere #ceramics #owls #jaynehat #gators #christmasornaments

I made as many bowls as I could with GLAM in mind. I also made some prototypes for some soap dishes in the Marie style that I want to hone a little bit and bring in next year. I think fancy soap dishes paired with a bar of soap would make a lovely gift! I also glazed ALL THE MUGS, and listed the owl ornaments that I had left over from last year. I’m not doing the solid red, solid white, and solid green hats this year (I’ve chosen a different solid color that I’ll talk about later). Also, no more white owls. They didn’t sell as well as the other colors so I’m doing just gray and brown this year.

Accidents happen #ceramics Fresh from the HaldeKiln #ceramics #kiln Product development day... AKA some days I can't differentiate between work and play. #ceramics #slipcast #babyheads

Then a tall sleepy owl mug fell over in the kiln, knocking over a tumbler during its header into a neighboring stilt, and the tumbler fused to the piece it fell into. Accidents happen, I get that, but I don’t think the photo accurately shows the angle that they’re in – people on Facebook were recommending that I still use it like that because ART. But the head is too heavy for the mug to stand up straight, and the mug is too tall to allow the head to sit flat. So unless you want it tilted, it’s worthless. I might, though, lay them down on a plate and re-fire, fusing them to the plate and making a wall hanging for flowers or two small plants. But, later.

That middle picture? Two days after I took this picture, a shelving unit I have above this shelf (hence my weird angled photos) fell off and took out the white soap dishes and brown mug in the front, there. I was OK about the soap dish, but that mug was one of the two that I thought came out the best, which did cause me to shake my fist at the universe.

Then I took some time to brainstorm some product development for things I want to bring into the shop next year. I’m still working on perfecting the baby head cup, and I’m in love with the planters. One bald one with a straight-line cut on the top of his head, and the other two have hair and I cut their front line along the hairline. Hee hee hee.

Getting loaded #ceramics #kiln #owls #christmasornaments Fresh from the HaldeKiln #ceramics #kiln #christmasornaments #owls #turtles #frogs #hippo #mugs #bowls Loaded, again. #ceramics #kiln #greenware

I did get about half of what I wanted done as far as painting this years owl crop goes. Eighteen is what I can fit in the kiln, because of (1) the number of stilts that I have that are stilts upon which they can balance and (2) I don’t like to space them too closely in case one of them falls over (Holy Domino Fall, Batman!). And one did fall over, fortunately not taking anyone with him. After I unpacked the kiln on Saturday, I immediately loaded it back up again with greenware, most of which I want to get glazed and bring to GLAM. I’ll be firing the kiln today, after I get back from taking the car to Billy’s (we want to get an oil change and everything checked before we drive to Indiana and back).

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