I have dyed ALL THE YARN

Seriously, y’all. ALL OF IT. ALL THE YARN, EVER. Except for the 25 pounds of undyed yarn that showed up on my door the day before yesterday, but other than that? ALL THE YARN.

Because I am completely insane, I decided it would be a great idea to bring in two new yarns and debut them at the Florida Fiber-In. I’ve needed a couple of things in my stable for a while; a luxury worsted that is not in a jumbo skein, and a standard (as opposed to luxury) sport or DK weight (aaaaaaaaaaaaand, I just lost everyone who’s not a yarn lover. Don’t worry, I’ll post some cat pictures later!).

Then Caitlin and I did this kit, and I had to buy some new sock yarn that I’d never tried for that, so I bought more than I needed for us to do that kit and dyed up the rest of it, and thought I’d just release that at the Fiber-In as well. And then of course I had yarn club to dye up, so there was that, even though I can’t show that off. Oh! I can show off Septembers, I’ll do that later today.

Then I had to call in help to wind all that yarn, because, really, WTF was I thinking? There are only so many hours in the day!

Having said that, hey, let me just show off to you why I haven’t had a lot of quality online time lately —


Ursula – a luxury sock yarn I won’t have in all the time. Ursula is a fingering/sock weight yarn, a strong and shiny blend of 70% British BlueFaced Leicester (superwash), 20% Silk, and 10% Cashmere. You can see the colors I currently have in stock here.


Lynn – my new standard DK weight yarn. Lynn is a DK weight yarn, a springy and soft 100% Superwash Merino that just drinks in the dye and gives off bright, rich color. You can see the colors I currently have in stock here.


Windling – my new luxury heavy worsted/aran weight yarn. Windling is a heavy worsted/aran non-superwash yarn (great for those looking for feltable yarns for soakers!) and one that I have tested out before — in fact, I still have three of the limited edition “tester” colorways available from earlier this year. You can see everything that Windling is currently available in here.

In retrospect, bringing in three at the same time was probably crazy. I should have stacked that up in a more effective manner; maybe the DK at Fiber-In, the worsted in October, and the sock in November. But, hindsight. And honestly, if I wasn’t stressed about doing it all at once, then I’d probably be stressed about dragging it out, because MY BRAIN.

Anyhoo. I just wanted to explain a little why I’ve been quiet. My time online in about the last five or six weeks has been, really, more Facebook time, because I have five or ten minutes every three or four hours, and that doesn’t exactly lend itself to writing in-depth blog posts. But now that that’s over? Hopefully I can get back to things like, I don’t know, THAT TIME I WENT TO WEST VIRGINIA WITH SHARON. Still so much to tell….!

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