Beautiful sadness

Oak Grove Cemetery

I don’t have a lot of cemetery experience, so one thing that we saw a lot that both surprised me and made me a little sad*, were overgrown headstones. You can barely see, but directly in back of the middle marker, in the middle of that thicket, is the headstone of the parents of the three buried that you can see. Someone, at some point, years and years ago, planted two plants on either side of the headstone… and then… time. Either the person caring for them died, or moved away, or… time passed, they grew, they overtook. A bit of someone’s personal history is hidden. Does it matter? Will someone, some day, come looking, like I did, for a died-out branch of the family tree? Will someone, one day, come to say “thank you”? Or are they lost to time?

Recap coming soon, I promise; I just wanted this photo to have its own post.

*Maybe not sad, exactly. Melancholy? Is there a word for “feeling nostalgia for a place I’ve never been”? Feeling time march on, slowly, inexorably?

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