Fuck Cancer

Did I mention my “Fuck Cancer” mugs?

Scenes from a work day

You can read more about them here.

What it boils down to is that as these sell, I put 25% of the purchase price away in a kitty (not an actual live kitty, don’t be silly). Once a year, I will donate the 25% of all the Fuck Cancer mugs I’ve sold to our local Haven Hospice, who allowed my grandmother, my father, and my father’s best friend (and my surrogate uncle) to leave with a little more peace and dignity then they would have gotten in a hospital.


  1. Chantell

    It’s been AGES since I’ve commented on any of your blog posts, Lorena! I’m putting a link to this post on my Facebook and maybe dig you up some bidness for the Fuck Cancer mugs, because basically cancer sucks. Do you just offer them in black or do they come in other colors too?!

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