Under the Dome

Oh! I just realized in my updating Goodreads this morning I forgot to review this one. Not relevant to this post, though, which is really more about my confusion with the show. I started this off as an email to Sharon, and decided just to make it a blog post instead.

If you’ve seen the show but not read the book, you may not want to read any farther, because SPOILERS. If you’ve read the book and not seen the show, go ahead and read it because even though you haven’t seen the show you may be able to help me understand.

OK, so here are some of my confusions… (remember, SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the book and want to be surprised by the show, STOP READING NOW.)

How are they going to get more than one season out of this? The entire thing, in the book, even with how long the book was, took… five days? Seven? I’ve seen an interview that they’re planning roughly 24 hours per episode. That’s already almost two weeks if they have 12 episodes, and the interview said that they’re hoping for at least a second season? What?

Rusty was a great character. I’m super disappointed to see him on the other side of the Dome. I was looking forward to seeing the tension between he and Linda when she helps arrest Barbie.

I’m all for including a random lesbian couple, but are they doing this instead of the older poet/professor with the young lady? He turned out to be a good doctor-helper. They’re seriously going to do this with no hospital staff? I mean, I loved that the oldest doc stressed out and died, and then Rusty had to step in. Are they going to find a crotchety old veterinarian to do surgeries? If they do, will they make him a recovering alcoholic with two daughters and then chop off one of his legs? Because that’s been done recently. Walking Dead.

I get the added drama of no sound being able to come through the Dome, but even though they didn’t really do anything in the book with the actual internet service, turning it off was a great thing to hold over Big Jim’s head. So how are they going to do that? The outside won’t have any way to rein him in, even that little bit. What are they going to do? Hold up a note? “Stop that! Or I’ll… write another note!” … and if sound and internet/cell service can’t get through, they’re probably not going to go with the fans, either. Which means that no air will get through. At all. Which means that the very first fire should pretty much deplete the majority of the oxygen and too bad, so sad, everyone has died way before the 12th episode.

I know, here I am, trying to apply SCIENCE to a story that involves a GIANT INVISIBLE DOME. What’s my damage, Heather?!

Julia-in-the-book is something like the third generation newspaper owner/reporter/everything, and single, and older than Barbie by a few years. Also with a dog. Julia-in-the-show is new to town, and … married? With no dog? (And I’m guessing that if Rusty is on the other side of the Dome, they’re going to drop the storyline of both he and Linda’s dog, and their two kids? Since she didn’t mention being worried about her kids AT ALL in the first episode?) Anyway, back to Julia, who is … about to become Barbie’s love interest? Which, yes, I know, they were in the book, but not until almost the last chapter. God I wish TV these days would do some shows where not everyone is young, beautiful, and sexually available. I do love me some older, crotchety actors. But she doesn’t seem invested in reporting beyond “I’m the press and I’ll take pictures if I want to!”. Hrm.

And the radio station? Not the church-run, pre-taped station? Are they not cooking meth in the…. you know what, my head is just too tired to make any sense of this any more!

It’s not that I didn’t like the show. I’m totally along for the ride with it. But so far the only thing it seems to have in common with the book is that the title and character names are the same. I just can’t see how they’re going to get to the same ending.


  1. I should add, by the way, that I’ve seen a lot of books made into movies/TV shows. Some are great (The Handmaid’s Tale) and some are wretched (Earthsea). Changes are understandable. You have time in a book that you don’t in a movie or TV show. Characters and situations can be combined, changed, morphed. For the most part I don’t waste too much headspace bitching about it other than to say “I can see why they did that” (Harry Potter) or “Well that’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back” (Even Cowgirls Get the Blues). But never, I think, ever, have I spent so much time hitting the pause button and saying “but it’s not like that in the book!”. So. Take that for what it’s worth.

  2. Catherine

    I tell you what, I finished the episode earlier so I won’t get too far behind. Going in, I thought they were only doing a miniseries, sort of like a long tv movie. I haven’t read these articles you are talking about where they hope for a second season, that is crazypants. They are already pushing it with saying the storyline is going to drag out to months rather than a week with this no oxygen no doctors bit.

    Taking out the dogs is irritating, they played valuable roles in the book that I will miss. Barbie being white and shady with the burying is weird. Duke turning a blind eye to Rennie’s affairs with the propane is irritating to me. The radio station being rock and not Big Jim’s bible station is aggravating. I agree with you all the way about Julia too. Why not leave her a widow? Why take the dog away? Why make her younger?

    I need to stop now or I am going be twitching. I need to get my brain to hush and just see what they do with it.

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