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So I’ve been trying this new thing lately; adding … well, I’ve always called them “press molds” but I think the current term is really “sprig molds”….? Anyway, adding little pieces I’ve pressed out of clay onto poured mugs and planters. I found a great one a couple months ago, for some sugar skulls, and that kind of got the whole thing rolling. G-ma had a few that I’d never used, or that I had poured slip into but then never really known what else to do with, and so I broke those out as well. She had a great one of naked pin-up girls, guns, and drink paraphernalia, and I think I can have a lot of fun with that one.

But what I’m doing right now is more seeing which piece fits better on which mug or planter. I first thought I would make a wide variety — all the skulls! on all the mugs! — but then I came to my senses and realized that if I make a wide variety, I’m going to have to bust my ass replacing a wide variety. So instead I’ll figure out what works best with each piece, and then take any custom orders as they come.

Above is my second round of trials, and I have a few in the kiln (as I write this) that I’ll be able to take out in about a hundred degrees or so. I’m really excited!

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