I have dyed ALL THE YARN

Scenes from a work dayOK, not really, but close.

And as much as I hate it when people say “hey, I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging!”… I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging! Dye weeks really take it out of me; I have to start the dye pots pretty much as soon as I get up, because they take about an hour to heat up. Each dye pot can take two skeins of yarn, and I have four pots. Each color takes at least two hours (both dyeing and setting), so plus an hour to warm up, and I can comfortably get about three colors done in a day. Four, or even as much as five, if I push myself. Which I did in the last week or two. So I can potentially dye as many as … never mind, I don’t feel like doing the math.


When I decided to stop making lotions and lip balms, I decided to use that week as “catch up” instead. Since yarn club is about to start, I decided to spend a good portion of “catch up” week dyeing yarn club, as I also have a lot of restocks to dye and knew that yarn club would take a lot of time — I wanted to go ahead and dye everything, all three selections in both bases, as many as I needed, to get that out of the way. I did that last time and it worked out well. Except that I was too low on one base I wanted to use to dye that color… so I dyed two out of three. One of which has an overdye, so that took twice as long as it would have for all 26 skeins, and the other one had a color that I had a real problem with the match of color and yarn. I would dye it, take it out, it would look fine, I’d hang it to dry, and then when I went to wound it found places where the dye had not taken as deeply as I wanted, so I had to redye it. On almost all 26 skeins of that, some of them twice. So that was a time sink.

Then it was finally time to dye my restocks… I think I started those on Wednesday. And winding. OH THE WINDING. I don’t know what I did before I had this electric winder. Took a lot of Advil, probably.

So now, Saturday. All of the yarn I dyed yesterday is still too wet to wind. The rain we’ve been having has not been helping — I have to let the yarn dry on the porch because Tiny Kitten. Please don’t suggest that I put the yarn in the spin cycle in the washer to press out the water; yes, I know that can be done, and everyone I know who has done it has burned out the motor on their washing machine. I can’t afford to buy a new washing machine right now.

Most of the yarn I dyed Thursday is also still too damp. Some of the yarn I dyed Tuesday and Wednesday was slightly damp, but I wound it yesterday anyway, only hung it back up instead of putting it in the staging bin. I still have almost 40 skeins to wind.

I guess what I’m saying with all of this, is that it keeps me away from the computer. And in the spirit of trying not to overtax myself on something that was taking a lot of time and energy, I let a few things fall to the side. Like blogging. And answering email. And laundry. And cat boxes. Ugh.

Aaaaaaaaaaand, now I have to run, because we’re meeting some friends for lunch. So then. Happy, er, what the heck is today? Happy Day that Ends In Y!

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