Future Poncho

We’re doing a HaldeCraft Knit/Crochet-a-long (“HaldeAlong”) over on Ravelry, and here’s what I’m starting with —

Future poncho

I’m using the basic instructions from Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top Down book, the chapter on capes and ponchos, with a bit from the section on sweaters so that I can add a v-neck to it. Similar to the shawls I’ve made a few of, I’m going to change stitch patterns every color change. In addition, I’m going to split for the arms (and keep them open rather than close them back up) when I get to approximately the elbow. That should take me the first five colors on the top row, there… then the bottom four should be enough for the front and back of the bottom half. Allegedly.

Already I’m not very happy with it, but that could be that I’ve ripped it out a couple of times and restarted, and I’m starting with a yarn that I wouldn’t have chosen except that Tiny Kitten chewed through it so I couldn’t put it up for sale. Hopefully once I get that out of the way, I’ll enjoy the rest of it. Here are a couple more photos…

Waiting Just be

Tim and I are leaving to drive to Ocala to pick up some ceramic supplies, in about an hour… I should finish this color and start on the next one while we’re in the car.

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