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Weaving Red and Walking DeadTechnically “on the loom” and not “on the needles”, this is another project on which I’m currently working. Late last year I chose out 24 skeins of sock yarn (SHUT UP, THAT’S NOT EXCESSIVE) and paired them in 12 sets of two, like colors, with the idea of making twelve scarves this year. This is Scarf #2, and I just realized that not only have I not shown off scarf #1, but I haven’t really done an FO post in gawd knows how long. Whoops. Looks like I have a major topic to do some catching up on, along with book reviews.


Yes. I don’t lack for topics around here…. just the time to write them all out.

In the middle of my cranky rant to Tim....NO LIE – in the middle of a cranky rant to Tim at dinner the other week, he hands me this.


That was two nights before Valentine’s Day. We don’t like to go out for V-day because the crowds! the waits! the overpriced food! the set menus! the pressure! So we went to Chopstix a couple nights before, and good golly, but everyone working that night must have ridden in on the short bus. Drinks took almost 20 minutes to get out to us. They never did bring my water, and finally I gave up in asking for it. But the food was good, and the view was nice, and it wasn’t Valentine’s Day.

Lobster, with bitey lemonThen we wound up going out the next night as well, with Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe. We went to a seafood restaurant  where due to my food allergies, steamed/broiled lobster or crab are the only two things I can eat there.


It’s good to catch up with Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe. They travel a lot, and we love to hear about what they’ve been doing (it’s never dull). And I get to go to ICFA with them next month, which I think I’ve mentioned. And Game of Thrones starts soon after that! I know that all sounds like a non sequitur but trust me, that’s all related in my head.

Speaking of March, and catching up, Tim’s parents are coming to visit in early March! It will be so great to see them!

StagIt’s been hard for me to find info to link to on this, but right now there’s an art installation going on Downtown involving sculptures by local artists David Bell and Jasper North, and by Peruvian artist Victor Delfín. This is one of them (although I don’t know which of the three made it); I saw it while dropping off some HaldeCraft restocks at Ingenue Avenue last week.

I love “found art”; things made from things. This is made of what looks like railcar parts, and giant metal beams. It’s awesome and almost as tall as me, and must weigh a few thousand pounds. Of course I want one for my yard. It also screams “House Baratheon,” to continue with the Game of Thrones thoughts above.

A Flock of MarysGuess what’s coming back to HaldeCraft? That’s right; Marys. I’m doing them a little bit differently this time around (look ma, no hands!) and am also going to mark them up. A lot. I know what you’re asking – “they hardly sold at $25! What makes you think they’ll sell at $50?!” but … you know what? They’re worth at least $50. I put a lot of soul and hours into these, and I’d rather be not selling them at closer to what they’re worth, than not selling them for less than minimum wage.

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