Knitta, please

A long time ago (but not in a galaxy far, far, away) Sharon and I used to listen to this knitting podcast by an expatriated American living in Wales. One episode was about humor and knitting (involving such gems as how to knit a snatchel). There was always a song or three on this podcast, and this particular episode had a song that sort of became our anthem at the yarn store, and when going on yarn crawls. That song – sadly no longer available anywhere online as far as I can see – was called “Knitta, Please” and it was done by the super-talented and wickedly funny Mike Bryant. AHA! WAIT! has it as an MP3 — if you are a yarn lover, you absolutely have to go and buy this song. Trust me. It’ll be the best 99-cents you’ve ever slapped down on something yarn related. Also, the photo behind the cut will make a lot more sense if you’ve heard the song.

See, I had this idea in the shower one day (like ya do). I wanted to make a pair of mugs. It had to be a pair, because of the presentation aspect (words on one side, picture on the other, so that you could see both the front and the back of the mug at the same time when opening the box). And it had to have this specific lyric on it, from this song. And it would be FUNNY AS HELL. But I couldn’t keep that to myself, I would have to give it to someone.

But who could I give it to? I mean, who is going to appreciate this particular lyric, and the picture that completes the lyric? Well. Obviously, my friend Sharon. She’s probably the only person in the world (except maybe our friend Becca, who took a lot of yarn crawl trips with us) who would appreciate (a) the thing itself, (b) the presentation, (c) the humor, and (d) the way my mind works. So, Sharon it was, then.

When we went to Florida Clay a few weeks ago, I had her pick out two mugs… and since the idea was burning a hole in my brain, I whipped them out quickly. AND THEY ARE AWESOME. I seriously wish y’all could have seen the look on her face when she grokked it — totally priceless, and made me feel like I’d knocked one out of the park.

Now, what do the mugs look like, you ask….?

I made Sharon a gift.

I love you, Sharonita! Thank you for getting my brain!

Edited to addnow with action shot!


    • Excuse me while I flail around a bit!

      I’ve already bought the song – wherever you had it up all those years ago – but I may have to go buy it again just to support you. Because I can not EVEN tell you how much my group of knitters loved that song, how it accompanied us on all our road trips, and even today how much it makes me smile.

      Sir, my hat is off to you! You are a genius!

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