The new Sweet Dreams (Eastside) is open!

I wasn't going to spend any money this weekend, but... Get in mah belleh!

The new branch of Sweet Dreams Ice Cream has opened, and for better or worse it’s within walking distance of our house. We went on opening day, which was the Friday after Thanksgiving (hence our “we can hardly fit in another bite OH LOOK ICE CREAM” faces).

We’ve been back since then, duh, once a couple of days ago when it happened that Mike, the owner, was the one behind the counter. I joked with him (as I have been known to do with whoever is working at the other location) that his ice cream is the only ice cream I can eat any more. We laughed, but then I was all, no, I have food allergies, and a lot of ice creams use a lot of eggs, to which I am allergic, but for some reason your ice cream doesn’t bother me.

Turns out? They don’t use eggs! And apparently they’ve got quite the following with the Krishna community because of that. GO FIGURE.

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