Scenes from a work dayI’m working out how to display my owl Christmas ornaments for the craft show this weekend, and rather than buy a small fake Christmas tree and hang them on that, I thought I’d use this mug display someone gave me a while ago. But I’m not sure about it…. I have such an odd variety of owls between the five different hat colors and the three different owl colors, and this tree only holds six. I thought about getting some ornament hangers and putting two per branch, but that looked crowded and dangerous for people trying to take them off.

I did make a cake stand to also take to the show, and what I might wind up doing is putting this holder on top of the cake stand with only the six owls on it, but then pile up a bunch more owls on top of the cake stand at the base of the holder. It’ll mean nobody can buy the cake stand (unless all the owls sell quickly) but it would give a larger sense of what I have…. Hmm.

OK; gotta run. I have soap to wrap!


    • Hee hee! I still have four available (Two white and two gray) and if any of these that I’m making for the craft show don’t sell, I’ll be listing them. Next year I plan to start making them in June rather than September, as I didn’t realize when I started that I can only reasonably fit six in the kiln at a time. I figure starting them in June will give me a good long time to stock up. 🙂

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