I’m only four days behind now

Scenes from a work day

I am never, ever, ever, ever going to have time to finish that Sugar Skull/Cow Skull planter. Ugh. I want to, mind you; but the design ideas aren’t there and the time to work on it is fleeting. And then I ran out of the glaze I was going to use on the detailed owls, so I only got the two mugs in the kiln today… the planter will have to wait until I can either get to Orlando or have time to place an order at the same time I have time to do an inventory for other needs.

Did I tell you about the Orlando thing? See, I’m looking for ways to save money on HaldeCraft, and shipping (towards me, not towards customers) is killing me. The other day I ordered $40 worth of something and it was almost $30 to ship it to me…. and although I hate adding that shipping cost into the prices of what I sell, I can’t take a hit, either. So, I need to save. One of my distributors is in Orlando. I don’t use them for everything, because on the online shop they don’t have everything I need. But they sent me a catalog with my last order and they have a ton more things than they offer online (either that or I’m shit at navigating their website). And they’re open to the public. So I was thinking that if I started using them for the majority of what I need, perhaps even with tolls and gas to get down there and back, that might actually be less money than shipping. I could try to plan ahead for a monthly shopping trip, and if we can line up someone to watch the dogs overnight Tim could even go with me and we could spend the night at Amy’s park. That’s my loose idea, anyway. Except that I used a lot of Gray Spice and suddenly I’m out, and we can’t go this weekend, so it looks like that plan will start in November instead. Oops.

Today: massive soap wrapping for a restock tomorrow at Wild Iris (good news on them, by the way), and if I have time, pouring a few molds. And planning my soap restocks for GLAM, because I got a table again this year, whoootwhooot! Which means I also want to plan a few new things to debut there, tee hee hee hee hee.


  1. Sharon

    Please note that I have every Monday off of work, and I have a pick-up truck. November might be tight for me, but we can talk about a two-of-us day trip in December or January! 🙂

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