The one where Tim makes ALL THE FOOD

Saturday I had a birthday party; the theme was, loosely, Epcot Food and Wine comes to Gainesville. Tim made some of our favorite foods from previous trips to Epcot, and we didn’t even make people stand in roped-off lines in the sun in order to eat it!

If you’re seeing this in a reader, you won’t see the photos below this sentence:

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The food was so plentiful that we asked people to swing back by on Sunday if they were still hungry, because not only were there leftovers from Saturday but there were a few things that Tim just never got around to making on Saturday because people were getting too full! We’re still eating the food that didn’t get made, and let me tell you that flank steak is delicious!

I really, sometimes, don’t understand how lucky I am. This is not my beautiful life! These are not my beautiful friends! Having me introduce a friend to another friend that they’ve never met almost sounds like I’m writing a personal ad, because I keep trying to tell everyone how amazing this other friend is. And that’s every time. “This is my friend who totally kicked cancer’s ass, and she’s not even 40!” … “This is my friend who is an amazing talented artist and just got back from a residency in Portugal!” … “These are my friends who do reenacting and make all their own costumes and are funny as hell!” … “This is my other gorgeous blond knitting friend who is a brainiac and has a cat who went through cancer treatments (yes, I have two, I’m trying to collect the whole set!” … See what I mean? How did I get lucky enough to be surrounded by such amazing, talented, strong, generous people? I am too lucky. I’m a clumsy dorkish book nerd who snorts when she laughs and is a little too bitchy when she’s tired and has absolutely no fashion sense. I don’t deserve them, but I’m sure glad I have them. (And Tim, too. He’s a keeper!)


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