T-minus seven days

Birthday party menu testHave I invited you to my birthday party? No? Then I don’t like you. HAHAHAHAHA kidding — I did the invitation via an event on Facebook, so if you’re not on Facebook (erm, and not local*) I may have forgotten you. I keep going to email to try to invite people but if I don’t get sidetracked (85% possibility) then I realize I don’t have your email address any more since I ditched Outlook for Gmail. Whoops.

* Doing the invitation was really hard. I kept trying to add people like Quinn and Jen, and Jain and Su, and Beth, and Betharoopie, and Greg and Caitlin, and Emma and Arne, and basically all my good friends who don’t live close but are so close in my heart that I forget they don’t live down the block. I repeat myself: whoops.

This is a picture of our trial run on Saganaki (basically, fried cheese with honey and pistachios). The theme of the party is loosely “Epcot Food and Wine comes to Gainesville” and this is one of the tasties that’s going to be on the menu. Not this specific one, this was a tester and the cheese didn’t hold up to frying AT ALL. We got a better cheese though that totally worked out, and I’m going to try not to eat it all before people show up.

Speaking of the party, I’ve got to run — I have a house to clean!



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