I’m dyeing, here!

So, this was helpful.

Mama's little helper

“Imma help you dye sock club, mama!”

“Help.” You keep using that word. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

More yarn ramblings ahead – thinking out loud about the next sock club. Still. Feel free to “tl; dr” and just click out, y’all.

So. I mentioned before that I’m thinking of making changes to club. After talking it over with a few friends on G+ and in person, after many different thoughts walking many different roads in my mind long enough to finally come to a crossroads and meet up, this is what my current thought process is:

1. I like doing sock club but some things about it I worry too much over (I KNOW! CAN YOU BELIEVE I OVER-WORRY SHUT UP).
— I worry, having been in a sock club that turned out nothing but blue yarn, that if without announcing in advance that it’s going to be like this that if I make all the colors similar in a round, I will bore the people in it. Who wants the “all brown” sock club? Erm, besides me, since brown is my favorite color.
— I worry that my swag is always the same (this is silly, swag is free shit I give to people, and it’s mostly things I make like soap, and WHO DOESN’T USE SOAP?) (in fact it’s doubly silly, because I’ve been doing sock club since 2008 and nobody has ever complained about the swag — so my brain needs to shut the fuck up already).

2. I have ideas for many, many colorways I want to do as limited editions.
— These colorways have similar arcs; like, all based on Watership Down. Or all based on herbal/floral fragrances. Or all based on food.
— When I have ideas like that, I usually immediately think of corresponding swag (little ceramic rabbits! Herbal tea! Soap! Lip balm!)

So add up 1. and 2. but also mix liberally with the truth that it is just getting really hard for me to keep bringing in regular colorways in the shop, colorways I need to have in all bases, in stock as often as I can keep them there, it’s just getting really, really tough for me to keep on top of having stock. I need to phase out some of my not-as-great-selling colorways and look more into the limited edition route than the repeatable colorway route that I’ve been on. Put all that together and you get….

3. Perhaps I should do some themed sock clubs in which the colorways are all limited editions.

I think I have enough of a formed idea now to buy my Ravelry advertising (tomorrow!) for November. By the time it actually goes live in November I will have ironed it out enough to have it up for sale. 2013 is going to be different, y’all! But in a good way!



  1. Alice

    I was afraid it was a new recipe for the party. There’s an urban legend locally that the chinese restaurants use cat meat in some of their meals. If you weren’t allergic, I’d say Eat more Chickin’.

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