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Read on if you like to think about yarn!


I have a whirlwind of ideas and only a few days in which to choose from them – the reason being that Ravelry advertising for November goes up for sale next week and I need to start planning my advertising then.

You know what? It’s not even a whirlwind, it’s a cacophony. I have a bunch of ideas for the next few rounds of sock club, and need to narrow it the fuck down.

A sock club based on my Literary Soap Sets.
– I briefly looked at all three sets and within about five minutes had three ideas for each club based on names of fragrances from the soap.
– Corresponding swag would not actually be soap — in looking at the fragrance names and thinking about colorways I also got ideas for swag.
– Since I do three sock clubs a year, with three yarns each, this would be a years worth of ideas if I went with that. All of 2013? Or intersperse it with my other ideas?

A sock club based on some of my fragrances that I think might make good colorways.
– I’ve already been doing this a little on the off-club months, with limited runs; this club would be a bigger plan with that same idea.
– Again, I have at least nine ideas, so this could conceivably also fill a calender year. Or if I combined/switched with literary sets, two years for them both.

A “duet/couples” sock club in which they are all multi-colored yarns with an extra solid mini-skein for heels/toes.
– I would keep the multi-color skeins full-size, rather than wind off 100 of a 400 yard skein, so I would have to raise the price on this one by about one full skein of yarn.
– My colorway ideas are of fictional couples (not necessarily romantic couples, but two characters of which I love the interplay of) — Harold and Maude; Rosencrantz and Guildenstern; Tim Bayless and Frank Pembleton (for examples) (I bet nobody gets that last one).
– I don’t have a years worth of these ideas. I could get this into one club.

Discontinuing sock club altogether and using the above ideas for monthly limited runs of colors with or without corresponding swag.
– I could do this one of two ways:
— as I do now with the three-times-a-year limited colorways: surprise, here’s the color! I made ten of them! Have at it!
— as a pre-order, with hints given in advance so that the buyer would have a rough idea of what’s coming, but not exactly how it’s going to look.
— as some sort of combination of those two.



So. Thinking. Ruminating. Spending faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too much time in my own head. And needing to make a decision so that instead of advertising on Ravelry “sock club” I can advertise specifically for that round (IE, “what do rabbits, sock yarn, and epic storylines all have in common? Click to find out!” or something along those lines.


Yarn-lovers feedback welcome, even if you’ve never been in or don’t plan on being in my club!


  1. Caitlin

    I’ve already told you about this, but I will reiterate it–I think doing a pre-order with hints will be the least stressful way to do it. You can still do swag if you want–you could set up two options 1) Just yarn 2) yarn and swag. That way, if people WANT swag, they can pay extra for it, but they got a choice to begin with, so are less likely to be disappointed. Plus, with one time buy-ins, new customers can try out your stuff without committing to a 3 month club. With my own yarn, I find I get FAR FEWER complaints this way then when I did a sock club.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

    (I apologize if this makes no sense. I got maybe 10 minutes of sleep last night)

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