A gift from the birdsI have long been jealous of the little old man who lives down the road and has his yard almost covered with these bushes. I love the way they’re green all year but then flower in the AUTUMN! Not in the Spring, when everything else is blooming! And of course it doesn’t hurt that I love me a yellow flower.

I’ve read about them online and allegedly they flower all year long – but for some reason I’ve only ever seen them bloom in the Fall, around September/October when the season (finally) starts to change. Ah -wait — this says late summer and fall.

He told me the year I moved in and I saw him walking and asked about them, that I was welcome to some cuttings. But he said that he’d given cuttings to other people in the neighborhood and they didn’t do very well, and then I was too shy to just walk down to his house and get some, blah blah blah. Years pass.

So imagine my surprise when this came up! Thank you, random neighborhood bird!

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