Command Decision

Command Decision (Vatta's War, #4)Command Decision by Elizabeth Moon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Here’s what I like about Elizabeth Moon: she doesn’t write men, she doesn’t write women; she writes people. People are complicated and multi-faceted, and so are her characters. Also, she writes older people, damaged people, people who develop and change over the course of a book or three. All of those things are a recipe for a book I’m going to like.

She’s also not afraid to write about how soldiers, or people in battles, can carry that emotionally for quite a while.

I found that I quite enjoyed the chapters with Rafe, in spite of that meaning I wasn’t reading about Ky or Aunt Grace. I’m glad this is a five-book series, because I wouldn’t want to miss anything that’s happening. If it was crammed into one book (a la Sassinak) it would have been quite disappointing.

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