The Union Street Farmer’s Market

Does anyone really know what time it is?So there’s this Farmer’s Market less than two miles away from our house, and right across the street from where Tim works. It’s been so many years since I’ve been to a downtown Farmer’s Market that it was in the Sun Center behind the Hipp last time I went (yes, dating myself AND letting everyone know how lazy I am!). Well, we finally got around to going last week…. we had a mission.

See, this cross-contamination food allergy thing is getting out of hand. We can’t really risk getting any meat from our Publix any more, as every time we’ve gotten something I’m not allergic to in the last three months or so (steak, hamburger, pork chops) I’ve had an allergic reaction to them. They process chicken, turkey, and fish in the same area – and do in fact have a big-ass allergy warning sign posted above the meat section – and it’s happened with such regularity I’m afraid to eat things we get there.

So we moved to Wards (a locally owned grocery store not too far from our house) and sometimes there’s no problem, but… sometimes there is. I’d say about 25% of what we’ve gotten there has been cross-contaminated. I feel like we’re playing Russian Roulette with dinner.

So we decided to try to get closer to the source, and we went to the Farmer’s Market in search of a meat vendor. We found one, talked with them about where they get their meat butchered (at a place he’s been using 25+ years and it’s a place that doesn’t process chicken or fish) and we bought a sampling of everything we usually eat. I swear the steak we got is bigger than my head! Anyway, last night we had the pork chops, and while I did spend the entire meal thinking “am I having a reaction? What’s that? Is that the start of a reaction?” and generally being paranoid, there was no reaction. Pork chops – check. Hamburger and steak to go (Tim’s on his own with the liver he bought… ickers).


  1. Joe Haldeman

    Was that the Farmers’ Market downtown, Lore, or the one out by the state police station?

    I’ll go there the next time we have a dinner party. (Though the airfare will be a killer.)


    Unca Joe

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