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My search-fu on my own site is off so much it’s made me cranky, so I can’t link to where I posted about this before — but some time last year, October maybe (?) Sharon asked me if I’d like to go see a little Bluegrass/folk/rock duo play at Wild Iris. They were called Loves It! and one of the members is from West Virginia, so you know, INSTANT FRIEND. The short story recap is that they were really, really good; I wound up getting (winning, even) their album and have listened to it enough since then to memorize many of the songs. It was a small and intimate setting, Sharon got to talk to Vaughn a lot about West VA (they lived close to each other, it turns out) and they wound up camping that night in my back yard neighbor (JJ’s) yard.

Fast forward to Sharon’s birthday! Technically not for a couple of days, but she and Chris had an amazing shindig last weekend, with live music. LIVE MUSIC? If you skipped the foreshadowing in the first paragraph this will come as a complete¬†surprise… but she was able to score Loves It! for the party!

The crowd enjoys

Loves It! Whatchoo be lookin at?

Harmonies Indian War Whoop

I honestly could not tell you what the best part of the evening was. Was it being able to sit around with Jenny (of the band) before hand and talk about the horrible car wreck they were in that they posted about on Facebook a few months ago? Was it being able to see a lot of friends in one place, all enjoying the same thing? Was it the surprise showing of Amy and Isaac? Was it looking around the field telling Amy who all these people were and realizing that many of them have been my friends for 15 years or more? Was it watching all the dogs run around in the newly fenced-in part of Sharon and Chris’s yard (that yes, Tim helped out with)? Was it watching Boxie, the Band Dog, curl up in front of the stage and keep watch? Was it humming along with the band since I now know their music so well? I couldn’t say. The whole thing was my favorite.

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