Ruby Falls

Oops. I forgot to take a picture yesterday (who needs a photo of me wrapping soap and organizing lip balm?!) – so here’s another from the archives. Tim and I on vacation, Thanksgiving 2005.


Lesson learned from this jaunt? I would not make a good spelunker; apparently my claustrophobia, while not severe, is not limited to elevators at crowded science fiction conventions.

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  1. Alice

    But you are smiling so maybe you hadn’t gone into the caves yet. Or maybe smiling nervously afterwards, like ‘I survived!’ Recently reminded of a trip to Chicago when I was maybe 3, your grandmother,having a West Va heritage, wanted to take us into the Coal Mine in the Museum of Science and Industry. Your Uncle Edw, maybe 6, was terrified and could not even remotely be conviced to take the ride down into the mine. So maybe dislike of dark underground places is a once-removed inherited family trait? I was too young to be scared then but don’t seem to have a problem with this now – always loved the bat cave at Busch Gardens, a favorite, for example. And the cave behind the Niagra Falls, wow, really fine. But Edw’s recent postcard says he did see the coal mine on his trip to Chicon.

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