Better photos of the new ceramic studio shelves

First, we have the old shelves, post-taking off books but pre-taking off everything else. All those 1000 books we put in the hallway earlier this week? Er, last week? Mostly crammed into the bottom four shelves of that unit, and triple-stacked on the top three shelves of the large bookcase in the corner (with the boxes on the top). I also had books on the top two shelves of the long unit that’s coming down, but moved ceramics onto those shelves after they were empty, because those ceramics were stacked in front of the triple-stack of books on the other shelves. CONFUSED? I KNOW.

Ceramic studio reorg (1)

Anyway. Moving on…

I seriously debated not showing this photo; the mess frightens me. This is why HaldeCraft ceramics production was at a standstill last week — this is where I had to move the work table in order to be able to get to those books…. and that’s right in front of where I pour. It’s much better now, though! I promise!

Ceramic studio reorg (2)

Below are the shelves, cleaned off and ready for Tim to dismantle them. Quick story about this shelf — my first husband built it, and it is one inch taller than the doorway. He originally built it for the hallway (where the new, Tim-built shelf is now). I decided after what’s-his-name moved out to move it into this room, as I had plans to turn it into a library/guest/cat room (HAHAHAHAH). I didn’t realize until I had backed the shelf up into another room to turn it that it was JUST THAT MUCH TOO TALL for the doorway. But did I let that stop me? HELL NO. I figured I could lean it, you know. Angle it in there. And that worked fine… until it started to fall on me. I threw my arms over my head to protect my noggin, and in all the action wrenched my back all to hell… beginning years of chiropractic work to repair the damage. SEE? MY MIGRAINES ARE ALL THE FAULT OF MY FIRST HUSBAND. Shut up, stop laughing, that logic works for me.

Ceramic studio reorg (3)

Below, we have the first bit of the new shelf installed. And That Poor Man’s foot.

Ceramic studio reorg (4)

BAM. All done! That did not take him very long AT ALL. It helped, I think, that we didn’t have to go to Lowes for anything, and he was able to make all the cuts on Friday night (except for two boards, and that hardly counts). He also put in some screws so that I could hang some of the more popular, fast-selling mugs.

Ceramic studio reorg (5)

Now starts the moving…! I need to get all the finished ceramics moved to the new shelf, and all the bisque put on the shelf where the majority of the finished things are now. Don’t be frightened by the shipping supply closet, it always looks like that. People keep giving me packing peanuts, so I have an over-abundance right now (I sure am hoping to go through those in the upcoming holiday season, hint hint). Also I bought long boxes, in case anyone orders those wall plaques, so that I have something the right size and don’t need to go searching. But I don’t really have anywhere to put them that isn’t in the way.

Ceramic studio reorg (6)

Here we are with all the finished ceramics in one place, and the work table back where it was. On the shelves underneath the table are baskets and krinkle paper. Easy to get to but for the most part out of my way. And look! A couple of those shelves have some empty space on them! I can make more things! Although hopefully many of these things will sell, and be sent away. After which of course I will make more. Creativity! It’s a vicious circle!

Ceramic studio reorg (7)

Below, here we are with all the bisque moved over, and the extra paints and glazes on the small wall shelves where most of the bisque was. I say “most of” because I also had some stacked precariously here and there, waiting for things to fall over on top of it and break it (which I’ve had happen, a lot. So if you’ve seen something in a picture of a bisque firing and then never seen it again….? That’s probably why.). Also, pay no attention to that yarn that needs to be rewound. Lalalalala….

Ceramic studio reorg (8)

And, a finished shot from the doorway. Now, what am I waiting for? I should get to work!

Ceramic studio reorg (9)


  1. Your comment about packing peanuts made me laugh because my sister keeps giving me bags of bubble wrap. She works at a vet and they get certain medications in bubble wrap like daily. It’s totally clean because it’s wrapped around sealed packaging and she can’t bear to throw it away, so she saves it and gives it to me. I now have more bubble wrap than I can use in a year, unless I too have an awesome holiday sales bonanza. LOL

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