It’s a TRAP! Er, I mean, A SALE!

Raspberry in LanolinIn honor of my second HaldeCraft anniversary, all hand lotion, lip balm, and massage lotion is on sale from Thursday, 8/26 through Wednesday, 8/22! Use the coupon “balmy” at checkout to get 15% off any HaldeBalm in your order!

This discount is not good with any other discounts or coupons, is not retroactive, only applies to items currently in stock, and can not be applied to other items in your cart. Void where prohibited, and other fine print.

PS. I’m going to be making some slight changes to the HaldeBalm lineup after the sale, so …. if there’s something you really, really, really want….? I’m just sayin’!

PPS. Next week will be the end of the sale. What should I put on sale that week? I haven’t done ceramics yet… or should I do more yarn? Or, nothing…?

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