Lunch with friends

Salad in sepiaSome people on Facebook thought this photo made the salad look horrible, so… sorry if you feel the same way! I just… well, there’s only so many ways to photograph the same food, you know? Maybe I should have used the “dreamy” filter instead of sepia.


Tim and I met some friends at Satchel’s for lunch yesterday, and Gainesville being what it is we also ran into Craig (waves hello to Craig) and to a couple of former co-workers. We were eating with a former co-worker, you know, from THAT PLACE, and a couple of other people who are still there were eating lunch at the same time. Somewhat nice, somewhat awkward. How are you supposed to condense the last six years of your life into two sentences? “I’m broke, but great; glad I don’t work in that shithole any more.”… I guess that sums it up, eh?

It was good to catch up with our friends, though. I’m sorry to say that she told me a story that made me want to punch a few people in the face. Which is shocking because, you know, I never want to punch a few people in the face. See, you might think that I do, but I really don’t let a lot of people into my heart. Sure, I’m open, honest, and up-front, but very few people know the secret heart of me because (and thanks a pantsload, StepMonster) I’ve got a hair-trigger self-preservation defense mechanism. But my friend with whom we were having lunch yesterday is one of those people who has access to my heart – and she told me something that had happened to her recently that not only made me want to hug her for about a week, but also punch a few people on her behalf.

Why do people have to shit on each other? Why does it seem to be human nature to step on Good Folks? If what she had told me was a comic strip, I would have ended it with “Christ, what an asshole.”


Hey, it’s Saturday! Greenware pouring day! I’m off to go spend the rest of the day in and out of the dusty studio. Maybe later you’ll get a sneak peek of something or other!

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